RFID protection

RFID protection : How does it work?

You may have heard that your payment card, public transport chip card or any other card with a chip can be read while it is still in your bag or wallet. This skimming is the reading of the chip with which your personal data can be copied. So you don't want that? And this is very easy to prevent without noticing. Read how exactly.

What is RFID?

RFID stands for 'Radio Frequency Identification' and is a technology that can remotely read chips or tags with (personal) data. This is used if you pay contactless or if you hold your public transport chip card in front of the gate.

How does RFID protection work?

There is so-called RFID protection to protect the cards with chip against being read. This protection prevents your payment card or other card with a chip from being read and your personal data from being misused.

What does RFID protection look like?

This protection is a special foil that blocks certain frequencies of radio waves. It is a thin foil that protects your cards. The foil is so thin that it can be used invisibly in bags and wallets. But how exactly?

How is RFID processed in a wallet or bag?

Very simple: the thin protective film is stitched into the lining. You will not see this at all and your cards are completely and invisibly protected. Because the RFID protection is between the leather and the lining and cannot be felt or seen anywhere.

Doesn't RFID crack?

No, this foil is so thin that it is not audible or visible at all. So no matter how big or how small the wallet or bag with RFID protection is, it certainly won't crack.

How do you recognize a wallet with RFID protection?

You can recognize the RFID protection in a wallet by the logo, which resembles a WIFI logo. And because RFID protection is an important new feature, we have it on all relevant bags and wallets.

You can see if a wallet with RFID protection has a similar logo:

So: Don't get skimmed!

Don't let yourself be skimmed and opt for a bag or wallet with RFID protection. Because there really is no difference with 'normal' wallets and bags, so keep your personal information safe and go for a wallet or bag with RFID.

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Car keys are not protected by the RFID foil because the transmitters in modern car keys are far to strong to be blocked. So don’t rely on RFID to protect you from skimming your car keys.