75 years C&B



1st GENERATION   |   Mr. Walter Castelijn & Mr. Marinus Beerens

Two dedicated craftsmen formed what was destined to become a long-standing and high quality partnership. History was in the making: Castelijn & Beerens was established. In the post-war period leather was scarce. With inventivity and entrepreneurship left-overs from nearby shoe-factories were turned into luxurious watch-straps. The talent to innovate leads to product innovation. In 1964 the Porto Quick wallet with patented magnetic strip was born. It was the key to success and C&B became market leader in leather wallets in the Netherlands.



2nd GENERATION   |   Mr. René Beerens & Mr. Jan Smit

René Beerens focused on upgrading the price-quality level. High quality leathers were sourced from Italy, hardware was sourced from Germany and new collections were getting more refined. Jan Smit was exceptionally talented in language and was the driver for International expansion across Europe. The iconic CB-logo which now emphasizes the quality was introduced. Before there was no branding on the wallets.



3rd GENERATION   |   Ms. Babette Gouda-Beerens & Mr. Martijn Beerens

The company undergoes a transformation from factory into design house. Based on the values and traditions, that were passed on from previous generations, new collections are created. C&B becomes market leader in leather business bags. The internet revolution drives C&B to focus on omni-channel presence. castelijnenbeerens.com is launched throughout Europe. Sustainability throughout all company processes is implemented. C&B becomes member of the Leather Working Group.



GENERATION NEXT  |  ……. & …….

Castelijn & Beerens has always been a family owned company. Perhaps that’s why there is such a passionate commitment to excellence. Each generation has been eager to pass on their heritage, and each new generation eager to learn. To gain and practice the expertise of selecting the best leather and crafting its quality.