What kind of leather is used for the products?

Our products are made with only the best possible full grain bovine Italian leather. Each and every skin is carefully hand-selected. Then, working closely with specialist tanneries, we give it the exact shine, colour, and feel that our products require. Only the best is good enough. It’s a meticulous, painstaking regime that is driven by our genuine love of leather.

Which metals are used for the products?

We want our leather products to not only look and feel good, they should also be durable and long lasting. That’s why our metal logos, buckles, snap hooks, and push buttons are made from a high quality nickel-free alloy and our metal zippers have polished teeth.

RFID protection

Many of our products are equipped with RFID protective foil. This protects you against the so-called skimming of your personal information that is stored on chips on bank cards, credit cards and public transport cards, among other things. You can read more on this page.