How can I claim the warranty?

Our products have a standard warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase. When the article is within the 2 year warranty period, please contact our customer service. In order to claim the warranty, you must be able to present a proof of purchase. In addition to the proof of purchase we would also like to ask you to send our customer service department a picture of the article and a description of your complaint. This makes it possible to be of service as soon as possible.

If the item is no longer covered we would like to ask you to go to one of the nearest point of sales of Castelijn & Beerens articles. The dealer can determine whether the product can still be repaired and might be able to give an estimation regarding the expected cost of the repair. If a repair is still possible the point of sales might submit a repair request. In that case, your article will be sent to us for repair.