About Castelijn & Beerens

A love of leather

Our products are made with only the best possible full grain bovine leather. Each and every skin is carefully hand-selected. Then, working closely with specialist tanneries, we give it the exact shine, colour, and hand-feel that our products require. Anything less than perfect is rejected. It’s a meticulous, painstaking regime that is driven by a genuine love of leather.

Dedicated to detail
Class with durability

We want our leather products to not only look and feel good, they should also be durable and long lasting. That’s why our metal logos, buckles, snap hooks, and push buttons are made from high quality nickel-free alloy. Our metal zippers have polished teeth. And our linings are backed with a protective coating. Everything has to look good, and stay good.

Product Care
Taking care

Leather is a rich and durable natural material that actually improves with age. Treat it well and you’ll enjoy it for many years. Although our leather bags are protected with a water-resistant coating, we advise that if yours gets rain splashed, dry it off with a soft cloth. To keep it clean, supple and conditioned we recommend the care product “Carbon Wax Spray”.