Craftsmanship since 1945

Seven decades of craftsmanship

In 1945, two dedicated craftsmen formed what was destined to become a long-standing and high quality partnership. Mr. Walter Castelijn (master stitcher) and Mr. Marinus Beerens (master cutter) started making quality leather belts, handbags and conference folders. History was in the making: Castelijn & Beerens was established.

Success story

Patented quality

Over the years there have been many Castelijn & Beerens products, each one capturing the hearts and minds of devotees to quality everywhere. One of the more notable was the 1964 wallet called Porto Quick. It incorporated a patented magnetic strip to sort coins – but it still expressed the same values: sheer craftsmanship.

Family Heritage

Three generations

Castelijn & Beerens has always been a family owned company. Perhaps that’s why there is such a passionate commitment to excellence. Each generation has been eager to pass on their heritage, and each new generation eager to learn. To gain and practice the expertise of selecting the best leather and crafting its quality.

Heart of leather industry

At the heart of leather

We are located in Waalwijk, South Netherlands, the heart of the Dutch leather industry. With plenty of oak forests, fresh air and fast rivers, Waalwijk has been tanning leather for centuries, attracting not only many tanneries but shoe- and leather goods manufacturers too. It’s the perfect home for Castelijn & Beerens.